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Software with simplicity and manageability

You can’t always rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing and managing your most critical software assets.

Running your business should be as simple as possible. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the right tools and services to help you make smarter investments. We work the way you do to deliver meaningful solutions that optimize resources and reduce costs.

We give you options for acquiring and managing software.

Regardless of size or organization type, our streamlined procurement channels are designed to simplify the buying experience and deliver visibility into your license ownership and consumption. Explore your options:

  • Software specialists

    Work with a team of technology experts who can help you find the best solutions. Through our large network of partners, broad and deep portfolio, and multiple lab facilities, we can help you acquire the software you need from individual licenses to volume programs and beyond.

  • account

    Shopping on helps you simplify, streamline and consolidate purchasing while saving you time, money and resources. Customize your account with standardized products or designated user roles to ensure on-contract buying.

  • Cloud platform

    Get access to an easy-to-use, automated cloud monitoring, analytics and organization tool to procure, provision and manage your cloud solutions. The self-service and intuitive interface allows for easy selection and deployment on demand. Billing is a breeze with flexible subscription and recurring billing models.

  • SAM tools

    Software Asset Management (SAM) is a critical process to have in your software lifecycle to ensure you’re only buying the licenses you need and staying compliant. Gain full visibility into your software assets, see status updates of expiring licenses and request renewals right in the tool.

Empower your team with tools to estimate & analyze.

Save money by choosing the right software. Gain access to tools that proactively scan for cost-saving opportunities and forecast long-term spend.


Create multiple Microsoft? contract scenarios with products, volume licensing programs and price levels to estimate your forecasted spend for up to nine years.


Scan your current inventory and compare it to Microsoft contracts to see potential concessions or discounts you may be eligible to receive.

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Hands-on cost and contract management

We’ll consistently assess the residual value, compliance and ability to negotiate your current software assets versus your future technology goals.

As a client, you’ll get continued support, actionable road maps and cost modeling guidance that aligns with your unique business requirements — even if they change over time.

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Software asset management services

Improve your business performance and outsource your SAM services to Insight. Choose from a wide range of services, such as short-term help to identify your baseline to fully managed SAM programs.

Remove the resource and management overhead of an in-house team while controlling costs, building governance and maximizing the potential value of your software entitlements.

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Work with Microsoft’s largest global partner.

Get unmatched expert support in acquiring and deploying software and cloud solutions from Microsoft. We’re positioned to help you succeed by developing customized solutions that fit your exact needs.

Improve your SAM maturity for existing entitlements with our Microsoft License Optimization?Service (MLOS). When you need better alignment between your technology and licenses, we’ll provide unwavering support and proficiency backed by decades of experience.

Thousands of manufacturers from a single source

With Insight, you’ll get access to technology solutions from industry-leading brands, as well as emerging partners for everything from perpetual licenses to subscription software access. Click on the logos of our top software brands to explore the products and services we offer.

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Discover a better way to purchase software.

Connect with a software specialist to learn more about how your purchasing options can help you save money and get exactly what you need.